Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The New Economy

This excellent, longish article from The Nation articulates a lot of the values we've been thinking about, values borne of the "deepening sense of the profound ecological challenges facing the planet and growing despair at the inability of traditional politics to address economic failings". Gar Alperovitz does a great job of summarizing the timing and motivation behind this movement, the challenges, and identifying some key thinkers.  

mo foods (and our future project ;) sees itself fitting in as another one of the "institutions whose priorities are broader than those that typically flow from the corporate emphasis on the bottom line. At the cutting edge of experimentation are the growing number of egalitarian, and often green, worker-owned cooperatives. Hundreds of 'social enterprises' that use profits for environmental, social or community-serving goals are also expanding rapidly. In many communities urban agricultural efforts have made common cause with groups concerned about healthy nonprocessed food. And all this is to say nothing of 1.6 million nonprofit corporations that often cross over into economic activity."

Join us.

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