Friday, April 29, 2011

Spicy Pickled Oranges

A bunch of our customers have tasted our Spicy Pickled Oranges and loved them, and then asked us for tips on what to do with them.
Well, in the wise words of ardent fan Nick S., eat them!

Here are some other ideas and good pairings:

  • in yogurt
  • with cottage cheese
  • on top of ice cream
  • as part of a cheese plate

We have a few big 32 oz jars available right now, so shoot us an email if you're interested in picking some up now.  Our next market date will be in June.  And we are now able to accept credit cards in person using Square--yay technology!

For other tasty recipes using delicious mo foods products, check out our Recipes section above.

Happy spring!

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