Friday, November 5, 2010

Artisanal Gift Packages coming soon!

Hello mo foods fans!

Hope you all are enjoying the Indian Summer and Autumn transitions here in the Bay Area.

We are gearing up for the holiday season and creating some delicious Artisanal Gift Packages that will make wonderful presents for your family, friends, and work colleagues.

Want to help us decide what to put into our gift packs? Well take a look in your backyard and see what's ready to be picked from your trees!

There might be figs, apples, oranges, persimmons, more lemons, avocados, or even a fresh Nasturtium patch! Or do you have a vegetable garden with more kale than you know what to do with? We can come pick your surplus and exchange for some of our tasty finished products.

Drop us a line and we'll come pick and trade next week!

We'll be selling our gift packages in December, so stay tuned for market announcements. If you'd like to place a large order for several Artisanal Gift Packages, let us know and we may be able to make a special delivery as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you and filling your homes with deliciousness this season!

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