Saturday, May 29, 2010

About mo foods

We started mo foods in May 2010 while hanging out in our friend Stu's backyard in San Francisco, and seeing the abundance of lemons on his tree that were going to waste. We decided to tap the surplus fruit and foraged greens in our urban environment and help our community appreciate the bounty around them.

Combining the talents of our Food Artisans and the generosity of our community, we started making preserves, spreads, drinks, desserts, and anything else we could come up with that took advantage of the plethora of fruit in season.

Today our network of fruit trees and friends spans the SF Bay Area. We happily trade our finished products for the raw fruits and transform fruit picking into fun get-togethers. We are also networking to reuse jars and bottles (thanks to Freecycle,Craigslist, and supporters!) and keep our resource usage to a minimum.

Drop us a line if you have a tree nearby that has more fruit than you know what to do with. We will also pick your extra vegetables and forage healthy edible plants in the area.

Thanks for supporting mo foods and delicious urban gastronomy!

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